Fantastic thread! Here are my thoughts:

Bring back the CD! I find that the CDs are so important to mastering partnering skills and different steps and rhythyms. To place well in in the CD means you must be technically strong with superb edge quality, but the FD allows for more athleticism and expression. Both are incredibly important to ice dance, but can be difficult to both judge and focus on as a skater simulataneously. For this reason, we are going to see more athletic teams succeeding in both portions. For this reason, I fear that over time, the technical skill and edge quality of ice dancers is going to decrease as CDs become less and less important. Young dancers won't focus on the CDs as much because after novice, you've just got the SD! And ok, maybe you've got to do a single pattern of the GW one day, but it's one pattern, and you've still got lifts, connecting steps, and step sequences to save you. I hope this doesn't happen, but I am still fearful!

I want to see the CD, OD, and FD again. Even if it did take more time, I appreciated the different styles and aspects of cie dance that each event forced ice dancers to bring to the table. Having all 3 makes for a more well-rounded competition.

If you're required to do a waltz, I want to see a waltz!

My favorite SD of the season, Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje. They shine in this program and still get the waltz feel.