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Thread: What I Enjoyed at worlds

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    What I Enjoyed at worlds

    1. Watching it on CBC Bold with PJ and chatting with so many very well-informed skate fans.

    2. Seeing the Canadian fans from the Cricket Club rooting for Javier.

    3. Viktor Pfeifer addressing his loose pant strap problem by yanking it up over his knee and then doing the same with the other at the end of the program!

    4. The Spanish fans costumes! Red and gold wigs, etc.

    5. French ice dance fans dressed as mummies. That must have been hilarious on the Metro.

    6. Patrick's interview with Peizerat where he switched languages and did it better. Very funny.

    7. One fan reporting on British Eurosport coverage on CBC chat while we were watching on Bold. Very entertaining.

    8. Bronze medal winners, as someone has pointed out in another thread.

    Feel free to add.

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    1. Weaver and Poje skating like champs.

    2. The great rivalry between V/M and D/W (and I'm happy they regained their title).

    3. The fight of Ashley Wagner to pull off a top 5 finish.

    4. Victor's socks!

    5. Michel Brezina's birthday present to himself in the SP.

    6. Japan doing so well in the medal standings.

    7. The reactions of the "kids", particularily Hanyu and T/T, when they received their scores.

    8. Joubert skating for himself and the home crowd and doing it so, so well.

    9. Patrick's French interview.

    10. Carolina's beautiful lines and skating.

    11. Max's crazy face after their basically perfect and redeeming LP.

    12. KVDP's free skate, so happy for him to out like that.

    13. Kevin Reynolds skate 2 pretty solid programs.

    14. D/R making top 5. Not their biggest fan, but can't help but be happy for them.

    15. Dai's great free and getting the quad back in.

    16. And Patrick's defending of his title, I'm sure it wasn't an easy task, and regardless of the scoring, I do believe he's the rightful champ.

    I'm sure there's more lol.....

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