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I normally agree with you, but this one is just bad.
What great entrance? They were stalking the throw for a while, with little speed and no transition going in.
What great flow? By the nature of two-footing, there's no flow.
While she was on the air, her position, height were nice. That was it.

Don't forget the judges SHOULD BE experts. If they can't spot mistakes and you can and I can in real time, maybe it's time they go back to the woods and tend cattle, eh? Judging FS isn't for them. Watching programs live, I find it's easier to spot mistakes. You're arguing as if judges should be mom and pop watching FS for the first time. Wrong assumption. Wrong conclusion. I see them getting -2 GOE across the board, evidence by the number of judges who actually gave them -2 GOE.
They weren’t stalking it any longer than anyone else does and certainly not longer than they did for the flip and don’t forget it’s not just some throw sal it’s an axel, so the set up is completely different.

The jump begins while she is in front of him. After she landed she skated another 8-10 feet (watch the slo mo) so obviously she had flow coming out of the throw. Although by definition her “two footed landing” was considered such because both blades touched the ice, he left blade barely touched the ice and came off a second later and didn’t slow her down at all.

In contrast, here is a 3FTh where all things being equal, she steps out. A much worse error but she still only received 6 -2 and 3-1. As opposed to the 4 -2 and 1 -1 she got for the axel, not which throw has a more egregious error? If you thought she deserved a -2 for a blade lightly touching the ice that barely affected the throw, what would you have given the huge step-out? A -2 as well or a -3? What would you give a fall on the ice a -5? Judges have to weight all things and the error wasn't even close to a -2, just because the majority of judges did the same thing doesn't mean they are right, on any element.