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I honestly don't know why people are being so hard on Alena. Yes a 9 on PCS is a bit excessive but am I the only one who thinks she skated fantastically and doesn't know what the rest of you were watching? It's not her fault that none of the other top contenders managed to land all of their jumps/get all level 4's. I'm happy for her; well deserved. If Caro et al had actually delivered I think we could be having a very different conversation, but they didn't. There is no conspiracy that I can see.
I was going to say she was underscored. She deserved first and I think clearly by a few more points over Murkami who is still juniorish and Kostner - she sold the program. If there was any conspiracy it seems it would be anit Russian as Makarova I thought was undermarked. I appreciate Alena tried something different and she sold it. I do think Mao and Carolina will pass her but she could win a medal still.