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If this doesn't tell USFS to STOP basing the World team solely on Nationals, I don't know what will. They need to send to Worlds those who are skating well NOW, not those who skated well (or were held up!) TWO whole months ago. It seems to work well for gymnastics. Zhang has never gotten her due domestically; she historically scores better internationally. USFS needs to get a clue. Zhang's bronze at 4CC combined with Czisny's all out bomb at a no-pressure Challenge Cup should have been the cue to send Zhang to Worlds. Zhang is hitting a TRIPLE LOOP TRIPLE LOOP in the SHORT PROGRAM, for pete's sake!
It wouldn't have mattered this year. Even taking the Challenge Cup into consideration, Alissa had the 2nd best international results this year by a mile. Even with the errors she received outstanding PCS. Looking at Polina's PCS, which was a full 8 points lower than Alena's, makes me think Agnes would have gotten slammed in PCS as well, so the alternatives were not that much better. As someone else said, the problem is with US ladies and not just isolated to Alissa.