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    Quote Originally Posted by hurrah View Post
    I think I would quality as a 'Chan-Hater' because I thought Patrick fell at 4CC. I also thought Dai fell today. So did Honda Takeshi, who was commentating today and also Dai's jump coach. He said that Dai would get a -1 deduction before the scores came out.

    IMO, Patrick fell at 4CC and Dai fell today. But if judges are going to say that Patrick didn't fall at 4CC, then it's only fair to mark Dai's fall today as an unfall.
    Of course, now it's okay. No more judging bias? No more conspiracy? No more Can Fed pressure from the judge etc accusations that were mentioned by the Chan haters? It's just funny that when the score was related to Chan, all the haters would come all out and made accusations after accusations. Now, all silence.

    It's the same when Chan falls, his PCS should also be lower. But when skaters like Abbott or Dai made mistakes, their PCS shouldn't be. Yeah, whatever...
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