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Nice Worlds is always disaster for Mishin students..Mishin said after sp that Arthur was not in top form when he arrived, that he is more emotional than Liza and Plu and on top of that he changed boots recently, thats a bad choise

I love all your "informative" posts, seniorita, keep them coming.

It's funny that Mishin said that because that's exactly what I was thinking when I logged on just now, that is Artur is too emotional, not really a good thing when it comes to Giants in the sport, and I'm thinking someone like Bjorn Borg (whom has always reminded me of Evgeni Plushenko btw). I recall watching a special on John McEnroe & BB not too long ago, and what stood out to me (besides the iconic worship McEnroe has for BB; like he's in love with him, lol, probably because they're complete opposites) was that John said Bjorn was like Superman ~ he would change from Clark Kent into Superman. This is what I've always thought as well, John put it perfectly, Bjorn was calm/cool/collected, like 007, nothing and I mean NOTHING ever got to him. He went from Clark Kent into Superman in the bat of an eye. This is what Artur needs to do, he needs to study Evgeni and his demeanor, or at the very least keep his emotions in check. Unfortunately in that regard he's reminding me of Brian Joubert, whom after a bad skate does exactly like Artur did today, grabs his head, looks down at the ground, and beats himself up. I remember at the 2010 Olympics Elvis Stojko was PO'ed at Brian for doing that. Because Elvis, like Zhenya, knows how to focus and be calm/cool/collected/in control, whilst at the same time smiling. Michelle Kwan was like that as well.

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Off topic, Camerlengo said in Rai2 he will choreograph Plush ? Its quoted all over on twitter. Can someone confirm it? I ll die now.

Love this piece of info., but then I went and looked up whom Camerlengo is and wasn't too excited: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pasquale_Camerlengo The only programs I really enjoyed of his are the ones he did for Daisuke Takahashi. To tell the truth, I'd rather Shae-Lynn Bourne choreograph for Zhenya. I love her work. What she did for Jeremy Abbott ranks as one of my all-time favorites, as well as her work with Kevin Reynolds. (:^)

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^ He is a great athlete but just to point out that many skaters did the same today, adding the combo elsewhere.

Arthur says on his fb page that he doesnt intend to leave Mishin because of a disaster, and he takes the blame on him
it was my fault. Not mishin fault. I'm weak

Ay yi yi, this is what I was talking about earlier...

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Someone posted him to leave his coach and he said he wouldnt do that and that Mishin is "smarter" than the poster credits him to be