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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigger View Post
    Oh and from my Dad last night after seeing that hideous costume of Mao's...

    It *is* hideous, but I don't think poor Tarasova deserves quite *that* for it. LOL!!
    I have to say I'm not particularly fond of Mao's SP costume and feel that the pants costume was much better, but somehow, it doesn't bother me that much because its hideousness is normal in nature, if that makes any sense, as opposed to Tat's unique hideousness. Mao's costume is very much like Joannie's Delilah and Miki's Cleopatra costumes at Vancouver, which were equally hideous. And, if we can agree that Mao, Joannie and Miki's costumes are hideous, we can extrapolate further and say that in fact, upon close inspection, women's costumes in general tend to be categorically hideous.

    Within this sea of hideousness, I always considered Tat's hideousness to be unique (which might actually be a merit). But then, when I saw Elizaveta's green slime outfit this season, I saw that Tat's taste might not be so much unique as culturally informed.
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