Some comments. Carolina deserved the win here at Nice. Sad though to have a winner who can barely land a triple flip. I always felt Carolina was an extremely lucky skater but such is life timing is everything. She really should count her lucky stars she is so well loved considering all in respect to her skating. Alissa's skatess will have many yelling retire, give it up. She could pull a Maria Butyrskaya but after a bad competition Maria usually came back People complain about Patrick Chan falling but Alissa was like a human zamboni machine. It really marred the performances because she fell awkwardly often. As for Amelie Lacoste - how sad. NOthing to write home about and not even clean jumps. Canada needs to see if Phanuef re emerges as a star under Brian Orser, See if Kateyln picks up and best yet, Joannie returns. Bravo also Ashley Wagner - nice work leding the US ladies. You did great! On the sad note I am a little bored of Jenna McCorkell but she is the british champion - mainly because there is no competition. Poor Mao - maybe she needs tof igure otu if she wants to skate?