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Thanks for your thoughts, rain. I wish we could have a face-to-face discussion. My tone is not meant to be confrontational, altho' my comments might come across that way. Yes, S/S were nervous (most athletes do experience nerves under the high-pressure of high level competition -- that S/S were more nervous than usual is unsurprising). When you see your strongest rivals come back with a great yet over-scored performance, wouldn't you start sweating? But, would you be able to overcome your nerves and perform the way S/S did? It was quite spectacular to see S/S hit everything and overcome their nerves. IMO, you are exaggerating that they were"so distracted." S/S could not have achieved that performance if they were that distracted. Training puts choreo in the very marrow of skaters' bones -- they know it by heart, and by God, yes, S/S did perform the choreography. It was not their strongest performance, but it certainly was good enough to be scored better than it was here. Apparently tho' not good enough for the judges' and your high expectations.

Why don't you ask S/S and S where they feel the program was "meant to go," before assuming that you know all about it? Were you there when they came up with the idea? Did you watch them training in modern dance? Did you follow the difficult development of the choreography? Have you read the articles and interviews with S/S and S regarding this program? Have you seen the film, Pina, or some of the film excerpts on youtube? I guess it is not enough to reach high and keep pushing yourself, to try something risky and different that is a mini-masterpiece, despite it not becoming fully realized in a way that some viewers might find "satisfying." Whether or not it is obvious, the greatest difficulty of this program is in melding the difficult pairs elements (esp. CoP era elements) into the innovative choreography. BTW, the Pina-inspired movement style that S/S perform is not meant to be "crisp."

It might be nice to see S/S keep their Pina program for another season to evolve it more, but I'd prefer that they continue working on it as an exhibition. I'd be surprised if we see this same fp again next year for competition. S/S never seem to repeat themselves or rest on their laurels. S/S and S have raised the bar in pairs figure skating, and everyone has sat up and taken notice, but many are grudging in their praise and reluctant to admit that S/S and S have been inspiring and influential.
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