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You seem to take anything less than effusive praise for S/S as a personal insult. That's not really a great way to start a discussion.

I only brought up my feelings about their program because I do think it's refreshing to see a more modern dance style explored in figure skating. We don't see it often. However, if this is the epitome of what can be achieved in terms of a modern dance/skating fusion, I think that's a shame. I just don't think S/S ever really quite "got it" and held it through an entire performance. As I said in my initial post, I'm sure having to perform the elements had something to do with that. I don't think it is a bad program (on the contrary) or that S/S performed it badly — I simply don't think it ever achieved all that it could be. I don't think it achieved that "masterpiece" status.

You, it seems, have a different opinion. Good for you. That doesn't negate my right to mine. Or the judges to theirs, for that matter. For you, this piece is perfection. For me, it was close, but no cigar.
Yes, it is quite refreshing for a pairs team to try something risky and different. I give S/S and S a great deal of credit for what they have attempted and accomplished with Pina. OTOH, it is you who refer to "perfection," not me. Altho' I think S/S Pina is a mini-masterpiece, I never mentioned the word, "perfection." I agree that it would be interesting to see the concept/ choreography for Pina further explored, but I think it might give S/S and S more freedom to explore the work in an exhibition format, rather than bring it back for competition again next season. It is always interesting to see what programs S/S and S will choose for a new season.

I dislike the way in some quarters IMO S/S are not fully appreciated and recognized for their accomplishments and impact on the sport, however I am unconcerned regarding your reference to "anything less than effusive praise for S/S." IMHO, that is more like what ubers of Patrick Chan and V/M seem to become overwrought about.

Good for you too, rain, for expressing your opinions. However, you never mentioned exactly where you think S/S Pina "was meant to go." I agree with Tigger that there is not a lot of time under CoP to explore unique movements, so I think the work S/S and S have done with Pina, while perhaps it is not a complete and full masterpiece, it is a remarkable and winning effort. I disagree with your point about "crispness," because I think the movement style S/S were inspired by in the tribute film and in the work of Pina Bausch, has little to do with "crispness" and more to do with unpredictability and unexpectedness. You may have a point about the need for more "commitment" in their movements, but I think any perceived lack of that may ironically be due to the conflicting themes inherent within the movement style of Pina Bausch that S/S are seeking to express on ice (a surface that presents an additional layer of strictures and complications).