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Thread: Have Virtue & Moir moved decisively back ahead of Davis & White?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blue dog View Post
    Figure skating, in a way, is a lot like the hunger games (if you've read the books or watched the film). Do well, and you get sponsors. There are "game makers," people who control the outcome outside of the game itself. Russia has in more than one occasion shown that it can control the game still.
    Well it looked like the fed had some influence with B/S winning by a huge margin at CofC despite mediocre skates. But then for some reason their scores kept going down and down. I think they had better performances at Worlds, but yet their FD there was scored five points below their FD at CofC.

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    The team that skates the best on the day will win. V/M were better at Worlds, D/W better at WTT.

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