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For once, I felt sorry for Chan. The crowd was just so rude, it was horrible. He didn't give himself those scores. And he landed two clean quads. The audience needs to educate themselves and understand where Chan is separating himself from everyone else.
Actually, it's the figure skating establishment that needs to educate the audience or this sport is truly is dead. The audience buys the tickets and is basically who advertisers are aiming at. As someone who paid for those overpriced tickets at US Nationals, I want to at least feel like part of the decision making process with my cheers (or boos). The current system is disconnected from audiences. Thats why you see all the empty seats at these events and no TV coverage in the US. It's not just the poor world economy! If the ISU and federations want to increase popularity and $$, they've got to include the audience. Most people buy tickets to be entertained, touched my emotion, etc. That's just not happening as often as it use too. We can't blame skaters or their coaches for whoring the COP with these intricate yet uninspiring and error filled programs.