The sport should be divided into 2 divisions --

One: those with artistry and the ability to land basic jumps, including 3-axels for men which will score highly if executed well and placed well within the choreography; at least 2 double axels (one in combination) will also suffice but the key will be whether the jumps are used effectively within the program, in addition to execution; one quad only in fp is okay if a competitor desires, but it is not required, not recommended and does not count greatly in the overall judging -- the main criteria will be creativity in program theme, choreography, costume, as well as the placement and usage of the jumps and other elements within the program to fully express the music.

Two: those with superior SS and technical ability who can land 2 or more quads and quads are required, but competitors must also be able to land 2 or more 3-axels (2-axels count very little for the men) -- artistic skills? meh, this division is about he-man jumping skills only -- the competitors are allowed to fall forward during landings, turn-out and 2-foot as much as they want, fall even, just as long as they make those revolutions.

Guess which arena will be filled to capacity?