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    Quote Originally Posted by Boeing787 View Post
    In fact Patrick was able to do it when he was 17. Just check his ex numbers like Yesterday and Time to Say Goodbye.
    I just watched his Time to Say Goodbye. Good skating skills, that's all I can say about it. He can skate it to any classical music with the same facial expression and still have the same effect--Good skating, that's all.

    Jeffrey Buttle's choreography is not easy. It demands perfect execution. Any tiny flaws will stand out like a sore thumb. I hate to nitpick Chan's near-perfect performance, so great and so touching that it deserves only praise, but in order to explain my point that a "simple-looking" program is not necessarily easy, I'm afraid I have to do just that. On my first viewing of his gala program, I noticed, for instance, the following:
    1. At 3:33, he looked down and soon there was a scratching sound. I don't know the technical side of the skating, but the smoothness of his skating was fleetingly interrupted. And I felt it right away.
    2. At 3:18, he had a one-foot gliding move (signature move of Jeffrey's). It was supposed to be gliding on a straight line, but his left foot (the gliding foot) "wobbled" a little (snaking due to an unstable edge or an uneven ice surface?). And I spotted it right away.

    My point: Perfect execution is a very difficult thing to do. Being able to achieve it is a demonstration of extraordinary skills (a combination of both sportsmanship and art).
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