Event website:


Participating teams:

Australia Fire on Ice
Belgium Team Temptation
Canada 1 Nexxice
Canada 2 Les Supremes
Croatia Zagreb Snowflakes
Czech Orion
Finland 1 Marigold IceUnity
Finland 2 Rockettes
France Team Zoulous
Germany Team Berlin 1
Hungary Team Passion
Italy Hot Shivers Senior
Japan Jingu Ice Messengers Grace
Latvia Amber
Russia 1 Paradise
Russia 2 Tatarstan
Switzerland Team Dancers
Sweden 1 Team Surprise
Sweden 2 Team Boomerang
USA 1 Haydenettes
USA 2 Chrystallettes

The ISU website is not up yet.

Information about Synchro rules and protocols may be found here:


If you have any technical questions, please feel free to ask on the info thread?