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Thread: Mao Asada – The fight must go on

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    Mao Asada – The fight must go on

    A friend of mine told me about this article.

    I don't wish another repetition of what's been long discussed on GS or FSU.
    But I must say I half agree and half disagree with what's put emphasis in this article.

    Mao's desire to be both perfect athlete and perfect artist at the same time, I admire.
    But to think that a year or two of imperfect performances don't make her lose anything in view of being a two-time champion, I disagree.
    I think she can regain her 3A soon but she should try it in comps when it's more ready.

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    Yeah for Mao. I am so tired of skaters playing it so safe and not doing anything that might lose them that medal. The women skaters need to start pushing the envelope or their programs are going to stagnate and become terribly boring.

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