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It's too funny/weird/unfortunate/ironic/unironic? that my friend has a real goat-phobia (a phobia so obscure I can't even find an official word for it, and there are official words for almost every phobia there is) all his life (the prominent rectangular pupils of goats freak him out), and he winds up being the one to accidentally kill a goat. Also, I secretly rather enjoy "The Lonely Goatherd" song, I may not actually get sick of it! I hope the teams does the silliest possible schtick to it, 'cause it is a very silly song.

Do we have any word from junior ice dancing teams? I've been dying to find out what possible hip hop songs may be on tap for the junior SD next season.
Bet we'll hear some Willow Smith somewhere
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth...