there is a peak for every sport especially for women although not all,
generally ages between 18-21 are the peak time to be competitive in ones career like in figure skating, gymnastics etc.

but there are those who matured late in the competitive area but got better as they get older or late bloomers
like Kostner, Akiko, Shizuka, Slutskaya
these imo, have proven themselves to have lasting careers

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(And this is completely off topic, but can someone please tell me why Alena gets high PCS? She's not slow but she's not fast either. Her ice coverage is decent but not great. It's not like she has transitions. And her skating is not refined. But there must be something. But I don't see it.)

I think though, that when Sochi comes around, it ought to be Polina K who should be competitive as a senior skater. Her skating this year ( reminds me of how Carolina Kostner and Shizuka's skating at the same age. It seems to me that she has the physique that would be able to carve deep edges while skating fast and also jump big. And also Adelina, if she can fix her jump issues.

But of course, with younger skaters, it's a huge gamble because they might just grow a inch or so during the season and you don't know how they will react to the pressure of skating for the home crowd. So maybe, when Olympics comes around, it might just be Alena and Ksenia (who in the meanwhile has fixed her jumps) who represent Russia at Olympics! Wouldn't that be ironic.
I can definitely see Alena competing in 2014 Olympics, defnitely one of Liza, Adelina or uk will be left out
but Makarova ? , if pigs fly, she just got passed on WTT and is now being assigned for B competitions