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Thread: Any Titanic buffs on here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johar View Post
    Senior Wireless Operator Jack Phillips died just before they reached Carpathia. He is a true hero and stayed in the Marconi room sending out messages to any ships he could. He had celebrated his biirthday on the 11th. Harold Bride survived and had to testify at the hearings. When he passed away his wife had no idea he had been on board Titanic.
    thank you, I only remember what Ballard wrote in a children't book on the finding of Titanic... it was the book that started my interest in the ship.

    honestly a lot of the crew were true heros, but yet the only ones that seem to be depicted are the ones that directors decided created more drama (and many of the stories have been disproven, yet the characters are still etched in everyone's mind as villains.)

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