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Thread: WTT Short Dance

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    Just a quick overall impression on Short Dance.

    Great performances from the top four, I would say.
    They were not as crisp and clean as in the Worlds; off balance here and there, of course, but still. I think Ice Dance discipline demands just so much skaters, you know. Full of choreography, steps and inbetweens; they hardly had no simple strokings to increase speed; unlike Singles and Pairs.

    The audience, including me, loved all performances of top four and had standing ovations.
    I especially loved Nathalie/Fabian and Meryl/Charlie. Anna/Luca was also good. Tessa and Scott looked a bit off to me, compared to their norm.
    But I was surprised the point difference between the top two. And audience's reaction was like, "Oh, that much?"
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    Thanks, Deedee. It's great to have your eyewitness reports. I can't wait to hear about the free dance and the other long programs!

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