View Poll Results: What is your favorite Team at Team trophy 2012 ?

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  • Team Japan

    27 27.27%
  • Team U.S.A

    18 18.18%
  • Team France

    23 23.23%
  • Team Canada

    12 12.12%
  • Team Italy

    14 14.14%
  • Team Russia

    5 5.05%
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Thread: What is your favorite Team at Team trophy 2012 ?

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    Lol, at this point I'm pretty much only concerned about who wins the Team Spirit award!

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    ^Oh my God, me too!

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    Team Japan got bronze. Russia and USA were pretty much the same but since Russians were dead on the first day they got 5th and the US- the 4th position. No one gets 6th. Team Canada didn't meet the minimum requirements, there was no team and no spirit, only sourpuss funeral faces with a badmouthing alpha. So they got disqualified from Team Spirit Award. Today French were the first who arrived in the booth, long before the event started. They had a reason- they were fighting for bronze in WTT. Italians kept cheeirng in their traditional way, with national symbolics, flags, loudness, etc. But today French were way more louder and original, with their musical instruments, dancing, fun all around and, which is more pricely, cheering for almost everyone. They had a quiet moment when they saw that they lost bronze in WTT, but then they woke up to support Kanako and Akiko because they saw it as some way to be grateful to the host country. They supported them louder than Japanese! Lol. Team Itality did super great too but French were 0.000009 ahead in PCS thanks to originality, creativity and sportsmanship attitude. So, they are 1st, Italy- 2nd. Big thanks to both teams who contributed more than the rest 4 teams together in creating the spirit of festivity and fun. The audience was having agood time. Those Euros definitely know how to party.

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    Go team Japan!!!!

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    Being American, I am a little biased.

    If I were a judge, this would be how the results would go:
    1. USA
    2. Canada
    3. Italy
    4. France
    5. Russia
    6. Japan

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