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Wow. I expected a lot worse, a really ****** attitude from Scott, based on all the posts calling for his head but seeing the video the reality is very different. Lots of drama over nothing
I understand that it was said in a moment of exhaustion and frustration. But fact remains he should not have said. Japan has put a lot of effort into this competition, not only financially. The crowd is bigger than at Worlds! It's also in part a team event, wanting to exude positivity and team spirit. What he said went against all of that. I personally don't think it's 'Lots of drama over nothing'. I would be willing to give Scott al the benefit of the doubt if this had been the first time he'd acted (seemingly at least) as a sore loser.

Anyway; I hope Scott gets himself a nice holiday to recover from this long season, he deserves it. Team Voir has done really well!