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Thread: WTT Pairs LP

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    Vera was like a ballerina on the ice. She was aristocratic, classy and proud of herself. Pairs event was not very interesting at WTT since leaders were not here. But I am very glad for B/L, they won in Pairs and brought not-the-last position for Team Russia. At least one good moment for next Olympic host country. Well, actually judging by how it all went, Russia, with all the best at presence, surely has a good chance in Sochi for Team Gold.

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    what were savchenko and szokolwy doing with team canada i didn`t they switched federations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by romanoff81 View Post
    what were savchenko and szokolwy doing with team canada i didn`t they switched federations.
    They were not doing anything with team Canada. They were in every K&C of each pair team of all 6 countries. They are quest skaters who will be performing in gala tomorrow. They could have spent their free time wandering around Tokyo but they chose to drink with everyone at WTT K&C.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doctor2014 View Post
    D/C already got the highest TES here but were hurt by their awful program. They desperately need better programs and better music choices. However, I heard they’ll skate to POTO next season—another old warhorse just won’t really help them….
    I don't think the music is that big of a deal. For all the moaning and groaning over their overused music this year, they got several standing ovations, so not everyone agrees that their music isn't good. John admitted to putting choreography on the back-burner their first season in an effort to get their elements together consistently and because they didn't have enough time. Hopefully Camerlengo will give them good material.
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    It is getting a bit late to report, sorry...I will make a short review before its completely slipping my memory.

    Third day of WTT, which was the last day for my husband and me got started with Pairs Free.

    Top three teams were so close with each other in score-wise, around 117-119. I agree with the judges this time: while Caydee/John won TES, both Vera/Yuri and Meagan/Eric rightfully beat them in PCS.

    I loved the American pair team. They got a partial standing ovation. Their solo jumps are solid and powerful, and throw jumps are huge! And Caydee!, she looks elegant and matured, like a new skater with John, isn't she? But electric guitar for Nesson Dorma??? Hope they will pick up better music next season.

    For Meagan and Eric, I loved their Lutz in the warm up. SO COOL! They did not gor for it in their free but I WANT to see them landing more Lutz in the competitions!

    (I can't tell you in a loud voice because there might be a couple technical specialists anonymously among members here at GS, but Japanese skaters in general are weaker in technique for text book Lutz except Miki, Takahiko and Takahito Mura... )

    For Narumi/Mervin, I kind of already knew they were not going to have a clean skate during 6 min warm up. Prior to getting onto the ice, they appeared less focused and a bit too relaxed; smiling and looking up the audience.

    In spite of jump mistakes here and there, they did so well the rest of their program. Also got standing ovation. This season I was amaged by their skating skills, especially Mervin's!, thanks to their Canadian coaches. While Narumi is still tiny and Merivn is less sturdy built as a male skater for pair, they do not look junior anymore, their skating is indeed the top pair's.
    Looking back the last WTT, where Narumi cried like a baby after their disappointing performances three years ago, how many of us would have imagined they could have won the world medal with such a short time competing on the senior circuit?; I thought to myself and smiled.

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    Thanks again! !!
    It is never too late for a good report

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