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Thread: 2011/12 - That was the season that was

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    Wow, I guess I'm not the only one then!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthernDancers View Post
    I don't agree with this at all. The judging system has nothing to do with the popularity of the sport. Only fans dig into that. This may seem unbelievable to fans who love to debate, but most members of the general public don't understand either system. As I stated yesterday, it has a whole lot to do with lack of trust in the integrity of the sport after SLC, dismissing figure skating as not being sport and therefore not worth the time and attention, lower participation in the sport due to the high costs to participate, other choices, and all of the above complaints, poor marketing and public education, etc. The very last thing the sport needs is to go back to 6.0. It would ensure the sport is kicked out of the Olympics for sure, and destroy any remaining credibility.

    I'm pretty sure if you ask the athletes, they will much prefer to keep COP. Especially on the TES marks, they can understand and track their progress and their placement. Athletes are focused on continuous improvement. While you can't compare exactly from one event to the next, you can see steady improvement in PCS, and see the TES levels grow throughout the season. This is true from the newest competitor to the veteran. Athletes absolutely understand the system and pore over their marks with videos after every event. Under the old system, they could never know why they placed at a certain level. It was about reputation, putting in your time before being allowed to win, and honoring style over substance. That is not sport, and does not get a place in Olympics. Skating must be sport first, then art. The ideal is sport that transcends into art. There are still a lot of comments on the boards about reputation judging, relative positioning of skater (ie. if so and so were the country #1, then they would have medaled) and angst over new kids rising too fast. Sorry, but that has no place in sport. It's what you do on the day that should count, and only that....not who your coach is, what rink you train at, what country you come from, how old or young you are....if you bring it, you should win it. Period. That's sport, and that was what COP was to do. The system does a pretty good job of encouraging whole skaters, not just jumping machines or artistic wonders. It's not perfect, but it is a HUGE improvement over what was. Yes, I think there needs to be better definition/criteria and adherence in the PCS marks. And perhaps there is a way to do that so there is more artistic freedom (what Angelika called beauty). Perhaps we could have more transparency in who the judges are. And perhaps the judges can be secret until the time of competition, and segregated from federations and coaches so there can be no pre-competition lobbying. The PCS should not be used to place skaters or rank them like 6.0, which is what happens sometimes I think.
    I agree with almost everything in this post. I also would bet that athletes familiar with both systems would much prefer to keep COP (and might mutiny with a return to 6.0) but that they would like to see an improvement in implementation, especially the PCS marks. It still amazes me that there are so many who want the return of the 6.0 system. Has everyone forgotten the lack of movement in dance from one event to the next? I am a forever fan, but never felt it was a truly objective measurement and certainly didn't understand it better. Where was the analysis? At least now, I can review protocols. Yes, I'm frustrated by all of the rules and some of the artistry issues, but I really want to see the sport remain in the Olympics.

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