Thought this was interesting:

P.S. about World Team Trophy . Why not add additional 7th Country " Worlds Skaters Alliance " for skaters from small countries ? #support!
And then it will be like 7 Wonders , 7 Teams of Skaters =)
#WTTWSA - 7th Team in Future, on World Team Trophy "Worlds Skaters Alliance " Support it !!! P.S. invited by - ISU+Audients Votes !
#WTTWSA think about it strong team! Men:Brizina,Javi,Denis(all good )/Ladies:Kopri,Yuna?/Pair:Savchenko-Szokowy/Ice Dance:Zhiganshina-Gazsi?
There much more choices of great skaters for #WTTWSA , but i just gave example how it can look like . It can be very strong team !
It's an interesting idea, for sure -- but not sure if it would work. The biggest question for me would be 1.) What sort of cohesion/flat could this alliance stand behind, "Go smaller federations?!" 2.) What would be the criteria as far as choosing skaters?