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    WTT Gala

    I am starting this thread to remind people lucky us will have the live stream for the super Gala with guest performers, starting in less than an hour.

    Worth staying up another night for, right?

    How do you manage your sleep these last few days?

    Since a person waking up at conclusion of a full sleep cycle will be awake with energy, I used my sleep cycles of about 1.5 hours each. I normally get 3 - 4 cycles per night. Day 1, I sneaked in 2 cycles after. Day 2 I did one cycle before and one after since I had to get out the next day. Day 3, after Pairs LP, I mistook the time for Ladies and already missed almost half of the Ladies event when I checked in, so I gave in to sleep instead. Today is easy, I'll just sleep in after the event, probably getting 2 or 3 cycles.
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