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Thread: what music should Patrick Chan skate to next year??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Srin Odessa View Post
    I've love to see Patrick dressed as a splicer. For that matter, he would look stylish in the Free Skate.
    Heh, Patrick would make an awesome splicer. Someone give him a bunny mask. He can pull it off.

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    I wish anybody would try to skate to Departures Sountrack (all 3 beautiful musical themes including). The movie is sad and funny, and so lyrical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skatinginbc View Post
    No, I wasn't. The music was composed by a Taiwanese, the lyrics were written by a Taiwanese, and it was sung by a Taiwanese (Singer: Teresa Teng 鄧麗君). It was BANNED in Mainland China during the Cultural Revolution. I guess Chinese and Taiwanese are getting along very well these days and it won't be a problem, right?
    Oh by the way, according to the latest broadcast of Artistry on ice in China, turns out Patrick was unable to pick this Teresa Teng song after all - since SZ took it for themselves!

    Zhao even sang this love song (月亮代表我的心) to his wife LIVE as he skated! :P Zhao has a lovely voice I must say... it is such a lovely song to commemorate their 20 years together before they bid their goodbyes. They even invited a famous Taiwanese club singer to perform.

    Yup cultural revolution is a long time gone. Maybe Patrick can do it next year?
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    Quote Originally Posted by russell30 View Post
    Bells of Moscow or prelude in C was already achieved by Jeff Buttle SP in 2005 and you know with Jeff that the artistry is good, does the music with some credit here. Not as powerful rendition as Mao's but a more softer piano approach.

    Check it out
    Thank you for the link. It makes me wish that more men would include spirals in their programs. Wonderful!

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