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Well, Tim, you asked for my opinion. Don't poke fun of other people's opinions if you're gonna ask for theirs.
When it comes to him, the only opinion that matters is his own, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

How can someone actually choose between D/W & V/M? They are both so strong at what they are doing, and both teams have individual strengths, that it can really go either way. Takahashi doesn't stand a chance against Chan, because technically Chan is far better. Geez, Takahashi even lost the lp to Hanyu at worlds, so there really is no dispute there as to who the real champion is, which is Chan. At WTT, Takahashi was the best though, but that mainly comes from the fact that Chan faltered. Suzuki over Kostner in Nice? NO WAY!

To me it didn't seem like the world champions were as motivated to do well here, while the winners here clearly were motivated.