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Thread: Best and Worst Programs of 2011-2012

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    My #1 Favorites:

    Men's SP: Daisuke Takahashi
    Men's LP: Yuzuru Hanyu

    Women's SP: Akiko Suzuki
    Women's LP: Yretha Silete (good SP too; she was underscored all season)

    Pair's SP: Stolbova/Klimov
    Pair's LP: Kavaguti/Smirnov

    Dance SD: Shibutani/Shibutani (at Nationals/4CC)
    Dance FD: Davis/White

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    It was amazing the change that Corky Ballas wrought in the Shib's SD at Nationals versus what it had been at the GPF. They performed the heck out of it at Nationals!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blades of Passion View Post
    My #1 Favorites:

    Women's LP: Yretha Silete (good SP too; she was underscored all season)
    I so agree with you!

    Yretha's unique LP, along with her HUUUGE jumps, is the coolest one by female skaters I have seen in years!

    Her jumps when landed perfectly, is a thing of beauty!!!

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    best womens Carolina SP and LP, but I loved Akiko SP a lot and Ashli LP
    Best men sp and LP Takahashi, best SP Abbot
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    My favorites this season


    Dai's SP and LP
    Jeremy's SP and LP


    Caro's LP & SP
    Akiko SP


    Aliona and Robin LP
    Rockne & Marybeth SP

    Ice Dance

    Meryl & Charlie FD
    Anna & Luca SD
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