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Thread: Best and Worst Programs of 2011-2012

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    Wagner's Black Swan. I'm worried she can't top it or even equal it next year.
    Mao's LP
    Carolina's LP
    Takahashi's LP


    Mirai's Spartacus LP.
    Rachael's Firebird (although it doesn't seem as bad if you think back to last year's LP)
    Chan's Take Five SP (for the love of all that is good about skating and music, get a new SP, Patrick!)
    Gold's SP (that music makes my ears bleed)

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    Worst? Can there be multiple worsts?
    Best? Can there be multiple bests?

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    Best: Die Fledermaus (but P/B's SD and Dai's LP are very close)

    Worst: I'm going to go with Dornbush's cowboy thing.

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    Savchenko/Szolkowy's LP

    Davis/White's FD

    Carolina Kostner's SP and LP
    Ksenia Makarova's SP (Jump content is heavily front-loaded, but I can't get over how flowy and smooth she is skating to this program. Her edging is put to good use here.)
    Viktoria Helgesson's LP (great ice coverage, in-betweens and footwork that she does justice with her strong fundamentals--even if her PCS doesn't show it.)
    Mao Asada's LP (The footwork sequence is just )

    Patrick Chan's SP (This program is a lot of fun for me to watch. It's spectacular how easy he makes the one-foot footwork seem.)
    Jeremy Abbott's SP (Another fun program that I always looked forward to throughout the season)
    Patrick Chan's LP (Aranjuez was love at first sight for me. Favorite program of the season and my favorite program by Chan, period.)
    Daisuke Takahashi's LP (Depends on the performance.)
    Jeremy Abbott's LP (I can see why it's been called pretentious by some, but I still think it's a beautiful program that accentuates all his lovely qualities.)
    Takahiko Kozuka's LP (I've got some issues with his long--mainly the music cut, but I'm biased and I can't get over how he floats during the footwork.)
    Yuzuru Hanyu's LP (I've got some issues with his skating, but the program itself is well put together, and he has a genuine aura performing it that I find endearing.)


    Florent Amodio's programs (Dude, you are so much better than this...)
    Alena Leonova's LP
    Ksenia Makarova's LP

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    Best LP: I don't know which one to pick but it would be from one of these three (D&W, Caro, Dai) D&W and Dai skated their LP to their potential while Caro did not so it make the decision harder. Maybe Dai because he was just a better performer than the others.

    Best SP: Would be one of these (T/T, C/L, Dai, Caro) T/T have never skated that SP perfectly. Would have been my pick for the best SP. Caro for the SP for me based on what they have done.

    Worst: Marakova LP. Can't think of another worse program in recent memory.

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    For me Ashley's LP was my favorite in a long time, probably since YuNa's Olympics.

    Worst was Mirai's LP. The choreography sucked the spark out of her, and Michelle and Yuka's success with the music makes me think she could have done some magical with the right choreography. Or maybe it's a piece better suited for a SP. Either way that program was a fail.

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    Best LP/FD— The duo of "Die Fledermaus." One classic waltz, two amazing programs. Go Akiko and Meryl and Charlie!
    Honorable mention: Daisuke's LP (I don't think anyone else could do Blues for Kook as well as he did) and Carolina's Mozart piece.

    Worst LP — Ksenia's Marilyn program. Just tacky and using the introduction to 20th Century Fox as skating music? Ick!
    Honorable dismention: Mirai's lifeless Spartacus (especially in wake of hearing the song recently and realizing it's a pretty amazing piece) Alissa's too slow rendition to Valse Triste. (Which became unbearably slow at Worlds).

    Best SP/SD — Carolina's staccato steps to Shostakovich! Whee.
    Honorable mention — Capellini and Lanotte's SD. Latin sizzle! Also, Daisuke's "In the Garden of Souls."

    Worst SP — Alena's rendition of Pirates in the Caribbean. Posing does not make great choreography.
    Honorable dismention — B/S's SD. The witch outfit on Bobrova did the dance no favors.

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    I'd say Jeremy Abbott's LP was the best program of the season, short or long, all disciplines. Its beauty is in the Kwan-range, IMO. Hope he keeps it for next year.
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    Worst programs:

    P/B's The Mummy. Clichéd choreography, unimaginative theme, awful music cuts and outright racist to boot. The worst program of the season by far.

    D/W's Someone Like You exhibition number. Once again, Davis/White manage to have two immensely energetic and crowd-pleasing competitive programs, only to go the opposite direction with the dreariness when they should be entertaining. Adele's dour and creepy little song is a chore to sit through, and D/W's choreography to it has no coherent narrative, nor do they have the chemistry or gestalt performance ability to portray the emotions (which is a blessing, really, considering how wretched the song is). They'd have been better off doing an encore of their FD at every gala.

    Denney/Coughlin's East of Eden SP. Awful music cuts. It's like the record skipped multiple times! Thematically and stylistically totally wrong and impossible for the new team to pull off.

    Dishonorable mentions:

    Gracie Gold's two competitive programs. Awful music, listless choreography. I refrain from putting them in the worst list because she is a junior.

    Julia Lipnitskaia's Je t'aime, an incredibly, melodramatically and forcefully mature song that is completely beyond young Julia to skate to. Not that I really want to see anybody skate to it, but it's especially wrong for Julia.

    Best programs:

    Davis/White's Die Fledermaus free dance. One of the greatest, happiest marriages of technical intricacy and musicality ever in the sport. I'm still not over how their best performance of it at Nice lost to V/M's cautious and fumbled go at charades on ice. If I was there, I'd have pulled a Kanyé and stormed the judges' table.

    Savchenko/Szolkowy's Autumn Moon on a Calm Lake exhibition number. It was modern dance on ice, with first class pair skating thrown in. Storytelling that was so effective you don't even notice it's a narrative, and just feel the emotions instead.

    Daisuke's SP, FS and Exhibition numbers. Each piece is astounding, interesting, unique and performed to the hilt every time Daisuke did them. The minimalism in his exhibition number is a nice counterpoint to his more ornamental competitive programs. Three glorious works of art.

    Patrick Chan's Mannish Boy exhibition number. Dirty, gritty blues music to go with some very unusual choreography. Lots of shoulder moves that you don't see often from skaters. Patrick digs into the groove and stays there. It's the best program from him ever.

    Takahiko Kozuka's Cello Song exhibition number. Effortlessly intricate blade work that wove with the music. Prompted me to download Nick Drake's discography.

    Mao Asada's I Vow to Thee My Country exhibition number. Who'd thunk a British patriotic song sung by a boys choir would make for the perfect program for Mao Asada? From the stunning developpé spiral to kick things off, you know you're in for something special. The entire piece unfolds like a spiritual experience.

    Honorable mentions:

    Karen Chen's Butterly Fan Dance exhibition number. I have never seen a skater skate a program that complete and intricate while fully making use of props that large. I mean, those two fans are nearly as big as her! And she's twelve! She effortlessly goes through a triple lutz, triple flip (lipped, alas, the only triple jump she hasn't mastered yet), a double axel, her combination spin and footwork all while manipulating the fans. Did I mention she's just twelve? By the way, she already has a ratified 2axel/3toe combination jump.

    Nathan Chen's Stereo Hearts exhibition number. I wish there was a good Youtube vid of it, since most people wouldn't have seen this. But you may just have to imagine: Another skater who is also just twelve, who does one of the most effective hip hop programs I have ever seen on ice. With a mischievous glint in his eyes, Nathan brings that ever elusive swag to the number while executing the perfect choreography to the song.

    Javier Fernandez's The Lazy Song exhibition number. Now I don't love the entire number, which is why it's only in the honorable section (why bring out a chair if you're not going to use it?). That said, the laid back, humorous pop-dancing style of the piece suits him better than any competitive program I've seen. And then there's one moment in the piece that is possibly the most impressive thing I've ever seen in a gala performance: Javier flops on the ice, fully prone, in a body slide, then gets right back up into a triple axel!

    Ashley Wagner's On the Floor exhibition number. I can't tell you what a lifesaver this number has been. There were so many skating galas that got bogged down by bleak and serious numbers (usually sung by that funereal siren Adele), then Ashley pops in and makes things fun again with an energetic program. Sure, it's not particularly deep or intricate, but it is entertaining. And the club dancing she does in it is a damn sight better than what the actual JLo pulls off in the video to the song.


    If you notice there's a serious bias/preference towards gala numbers, it's not a coincidence. It is incredibly hard to put together something that's musically, artistically and choreographically coherent under the COP. Which is not to say that I don't enjoy many performances under the COP. But since this is a pick for best/worst programs, I'm looking at the choreography more than anything else. The only skater, I find, who consistently allows choreographers to create complete artistic statements under the COP is Daisuke Takahashi.
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    Best Programs

    Carolina's programs
    Yuzuru's LP
    Volosozhar/Trankov's LP
    Wagner's LP

    Worst Programs

    Bobrova/Soloviev Programs
    Makarova's LP - wins the Award of the decade

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    Kiira's LP "just beautiful"
    Carolina's SP & LP
    V Helgesson's SP & LP
    Alissa's SP
    Ashley's SP & LP
    Ksenia's SP
    Mao's SP
    Kanako's SP
    M Berenice Meite SP
    Pechalat/Bourzat FD
    Zlobina/Sitnikov FD
    Ilynyk/Katasalpov FD
    Cappelini/Lanotte SD
    Coomes/Buckland SD
    Savchenko/Szolkowy LP "Pina" it grew on me
    Volosozhar/Trankov LP
    Kavaguti/Smirnov LP 'Pure class, best Lp of pairs"
    Takahashi/Tran SP :Imagine" Beautiful
    Javi's SP & LP
    Peter Liebers LP
    C Caluza LP
    Misha Ge LP
    Kozuka's LP
    Abbott's SP & LP
    S Contesti LP
    A Gachinski LP
    Y Hanyu SP

    D Takahashi's SP and LP "BRILLIANT" "THE BEST"


    Well I would not say there were any disasters, I think in most aspects it is the music edit and choroegraphy that mars the music, a lot have said about Makarova's LP. I think the concept was correct and that a 'Marilyn" number is great for her BUT "the music choices were not that great"

    The Awards:

    Best Pairs SP Takahashi/Tran "Imagine"
    Best Pairs LP Kavaguti/Smirnov "Clare De Lune" (Yes, i know this was there LP of 2011 too)

    Best Short Dance Cappelini/Lanotte "Volveras"
    Best Free Dance Pechalat/Bourzat "Mummy & Pharaoh"

    Best Mens SP Dai's "Vas"
    Best Men's LP Dai again "Blues for Klook"

    Best Ladies SP K Markarova "Maria & Violins string"
    Best Ladies LP V Helgesson "Sunset Boulevard"

    Overall best program award: Dai's "Blues for klook"

    Worst Awards: - well I am not that mean, it is not the skaters fault, down to the choroegraphers sorry!!
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    Plushenko SP and LP
    Takahashi SP and LP
    Gachinski LP
    Amodio LP
    Joubert SP
    Denis Ten SP and LP

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    I feel like making a list too


    D/W FD
    Ashley SP and especially LP
    Alissa SP
    Jeremy SP and LP
    Plushenko LP (as skated at Euros)
    Carolina SP and LP
    Akiko LP

    Honourable Mention:
    Kim Lucine LP - I know there's people that hate it, but I really thought he was funny. I took a lot of pictures of him in Nice and his expressions are priceless in every single one of them! I love watching skaters have fun while they're competing.
    V/T gala to 'Evanescence': I thought they were crazy picking that song, but they pulled it off!


    Gracie SP
    Ksenia LP
    Alissa LP (surprised not to see it pop up more often in these lists!)
    Alena SP (though I see why people think it's fun)
    Mirai LP (especially because of the way she performed it)

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    Men's Short:
    Takahashi - Into The Garden of Souls
    Abbott - Swing Kids
    Brian Joubert - Daft Punk

    Men's Long:
    Takahashi - Blues For Klook
    Abbott - Exogenesis
    Plushenko - Tango de Roxanne

    Ladies Short:
    Viktoria Helgesson - My Funny Valentine
    Ksenia Makarova (can't remember the title)
    Gracie Gold - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

    Ladies Long:
    Akiko Suzuki - Die Fleidermaus
    Ashley Wagner - Black Swan
    Elene Gedevanishvili - POTO
    Jenna McCorkell - Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

    Pairs Short:
    Duhamel/Radford - Aranjuez
    Denney/Coughlin - East of Eden *ducks*
    Marley/Brubaker - Singin' In The Rain
    Kavaguti/Smirnov - You're Not Alone
    Stolbova/Klimov - Bolero

    Pairs Long:
    Savchenko/Szolkowy - Pina
    Duhamel/Radford - Coldplay
    Moore-Towers/Moscovitch - Henry V
    Marley/Brubaker - Rachmaninoff
    Kavaguti/Smirnov - Claire de Lune
    Stolbova/Klimov - Polovetsian Dances

    Short Dances:

    Free Dances:
    Pechalat/Bourzat - Mummy
    Weaver/Poje - Je Suis Malade
    Zhiganshina/Gaszi - Romeo & Juliet
    Kriengkrairut/Giulietti-Schimitt - Walk The Line
    Hubbell/Donahue - I Put A Spell On You
    Coomes/Buckland - Viva Elvis Medley


    There aren't that many of these for me, but there were some I got sick of throughout the season.

    Virtue/Moir's FD - Funny Face
    Denney/Coughlin's LP - Nessun Dorma (the guitar was annoying)
    Both of Berton/Hotarek's programs

    Can't think of any more bad ones.. I actually didn't mind Makarova's LP.

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    Akiko Suzuki's SP and LP
    Daisuke Takahashi's SP and LP (masterpieces!)
    Ashley Wagner's LP
    Carolina Kostner's SP and LP
    Yevgeny Plushenko Europeans LP
    Patrick Chan Canadian Nationals LP
    Yuzuru Hanyu's SP and LP
    Caroline Zhang's LP
    Jeremy Abbott's SP and LP
    Davis and White's SP and LP
    Virtue and Moir's SP and LP
    Pina by S&S
    The Black Swan by V&T
    Michal Brezina's SP

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