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But I do recognize that Yuzuru is a different case, as Serious Business mentioned, it's probably more about the facilities and ice-time. All I hope for is Nanami to be by Yuzuru's side during the Olympics
I was only speculating on the potential benefits of this change. I don't know if they were any part of the considerations involved in making it. Again, pure speculation here, but I think the people who made the decision were thinking of what Orser could impart to Yuzuru more than anything else. After all, Orser took Javier Fernandez from also-ran to serious contender (and one of Yuzuru's nearest rivals) this season, which can't escape the notice of people watching out for Yuzuru's career. Personally, I just don't see what extra bit Orser can bring because almost everything is going so, so right with Nanami, except for the stamina issue. But based on my limited knowledge of Brian Orser's coaching, he's not really known for improving that, is he?

I'm still hopeful about this change, though, primarily because I think it will improve Yuzuru's training logistics. As long as he still has a good coach who can work with him, then it's all good and getting better! I just hope Yuzuru won't get too homesick.