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Thread: David Wilson will work with Gachinski and Tuktamysheva

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    Speaking about choreographers for Mishin's skaters

    Plushenko gave an interview to after the charity show in Moscow. There he talked about his work with Camerlengo.

    at 10:20:

    -Journalist: Could you tell us about your work with Camerlengo?

    -Evgeni: We have started to work on a new SP. Of course it's impossible to put a new program for two days. But the "skeleton" of the program is ready and more than a half of the program has been made. Pasquale will come to our training camp in Spain (in July-*let's talk) where we will continue our cooperation. We will be working together and I want him to make both of my programs for the next season- SP and LP. He is a great master in his field, a real specialist in choreography. I hope our work together will go on in the future too.

    He also gave some comments about the WTT and the judging system in the light of that event:

    at 7:30:

    -Journalist: Talking about judging. Recently the judging system is a sore point in the world FS. Maybe it's time to change something about it? What do you think?

    -I am an athlete. I can't change anything in the judging system. But I want to say that in principle the system was created well. The current FS is developing in spins, footworks, etc. But still the system seems uncompleted. During the last years every time they come with new changes, either in spins or footworks or others. The system has some good points that work well. But sometimes the system works just ugly. When a skater skates, makes 3 falls, gets the abnormal score and beats the guys who skated greatly with clean programs, it simply cannot be explained. It's just unbelievable. Maybe now, after the WTT, something will change. It seems that now judges see that FS community is angry and probably they are ready to change. We'll see.

    The full interview has been published in Russian:
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    Good interview but with some of the translation I read it is not clear what his plans are for 2013 worlds. It seems like he says people want to be done with him but then Voronov and Gachinski bomb at 2012 worlds and now they are like "save us!" and go to 2013 worlds!

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