Sorry for the delay reporting on the competition!

I wrote a l-o-n-g review yesterday, but 'Reply' button did not work for some reason and its all's okay, that's life...besides, if my bad fortune of this time is going to be an indication of Daisuke's good fortune in the future (namely at Sochi in 2014 ), I won't complain it at all, I am perfectly fine. Did you hear me, skating god???

Here is my review on Mens LP: I will post a series of shorter ones just in case, though.

The last comp of the 2nd day of WTT, after Pairs SP and Free Dance.

Thanks to the great performances back to back, by the top ice dancers in the world, it felt like the temperature in the venue went up 5.C! Everyone was in an uplifting mood and a lot of people took off their coats and jackets.

The first group started with Russian youngsters; Zhan Bush and Maxim Kovtun, and the Italian Akio which was Paolo Bacchini. (Akio, (not Akiko, sorry for the previous mistake!) is so popular among Japanese fans for his ability to project a program and sell it to the audience, but is also known for his weakness on jumps, sadly...)

Prior to the beginning of their music, I was relieved to see their faces on the big screen. Both Zhan and Maxim appeared more relaxed and focused, compared to the day before. They looked to me scared to death to have to compete against big guns and have to perform in front of HUGE crowd...A deer in the light, you know, and I was sorry for them the day before.

It's a little OT, but the music Paolo skated to was Barber of Seville by Rossini. It reminded me of young Nobunari and missed him a lot. I think quite a number of people within the audience felt the same way...

Pops and falls here and there, unfortunately, but they never gave up on performing till the end and we loved them. They were warmly received by the audience.

What I loved the most was that, not only the audience but all the other skaters in every booths yayed for the skater if he landed a jump successfully, whistled for good spins and steps, and encouraged with clappings to go on if he fell on a jump.

I believe for these fellow skaters, if it were Tessa, Charlie, Carolina or Aolina, in spite of their being on the top of the world today, they know and remember there were times for them, too when things did not go as they wished for or anticipated, and had to go through the similar pass, more or less, at certain points of their long career.

Placements or the points were not the ones they hoped for, however, through this competition they learned something in their own way, I think.
All three greeted the audience and fellow skaters with a smiley smile on their faces. They all looked to me to be proud of themselves for not giving up performing. It lit a warm light in my heart.