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Thread: How Levels & GOE are Determined in Ice Dance-Lifts

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    How Levels & GOE are Determined in Ice Dance-Lifts

    You've all heard that coach Alexei Gorshkov and his skaters Ekaterina Riazanova & Ilia Tkachenko are planning to spend time at the Shpilband & Zoueva ice dance school this summer. This old interview article appears to give the reason that Coach Gorshkov is going:

    Alexei Gorshkov: “I can’t understand the scores of Riazanova/Tkachenko”

    November 28, 2011

    Riazanova and Tkachenko received in Moscow for their free dance 76.90 points; lower than at the Grand Prix in Canada by 0.52 points. Two lifts and a step sequence have been evaluated by the lowest level.

    “I can’t understand why the lifts were evaluated by the first level,” said Gorshkov to the media. In Canada the same lifts were evaluated by the fourth level. Similarly, I do not understand why the elements for which in Canada Riazanova / Tkachenko received low scores, in Moscow were rated higher.” he continued.

    According to the coach, trying to find out from the technical specialists the reasons for such discrepancies is meaningless.

    “It’s useless to ask them questions. First, I know what they will answer me and second, in spite of their answers we can take video tapes of two performances and compare them. And what do I do after that – submit a protest? Nonsense is obtained.” Gorshkov noted.

    “I can’t understand how the step sequence of Riazanova / Tkachenko was evaluated by the first level. They could just execute simple steps and still receive the same score.” he added.

    Thus the expert has noticed that the same technical team has estimated the short dance elements of his students by normal levels.

    “Apparently, there are some trends that we do not know. And if we do not know about them, then talk about it makes no sense.” concluded the coach.
    It sounds like Coach Gorshkov has significant questions about how the technical callers and controllers in ice dance assign levels. Certainly, Igor Shpilband has mastered that skill as well as any other coach.

    One hopes, that at the end of this summer course, both coach and students will understand the system better.

    I've threatened for a while to try to take apart the specifications for assigning levels in ice dance, but have kept putting it off. One reason was that I found it hard to know where to start. The other reason was that I wished to separate this discussion from the discussion of Worlds and World Team Trophy results.

    The intent of this thread is to help us all understand the current rules as well as possible, not to elevate or denigrate any team or coach. If we all do it well, it will be transferred to the Reference folder when it has died as a thread on the edge.

    I want to caution you again that I do not know any more about this subject than any other serious fan, so feel free to add, subtract or disagree with anything I say.

    I intend to start the series with Rotational Lifts, in honor of the questions about the level one Coach Gorshkov's students received for those lifts at Cup of Russia.

    While I'm trying to put everything together, please post any questions or comments you have, especially about Rotational Lifts?

    Thanks for reading, Doris P
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