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Thread: How Levels & GOE are Determined in Ice Dance-Lifts

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    Dance Lift Grade of Execution guidelines, applied to Rotational Lifts:

    No team managed to simultaneously get a level four rotational lift at Worlds, combined with poor execution, so I am listing the negative GOE criteria for completeness. You need to know these things so that you know how a bad lift contrasts with a good lift:

    -3 (Very Poor)
    Entry or exit: shaky or dropped
    Ascent or descent: very brief
    Stability: lose balance
    If any Change of pose: awkward
    If any rotation, Rotation technique: awkward or very slow
    If any Change of curve: both curves very flat and too short

    -2 (Poor)
    Entry or exit: fumbling
    Ascent or descent: struggling
    Stability: unstable
    If any change of pose: discontinuous
    If any rotation, rotation technique: unstable, scraped turns
    If any change of curve, both curves flat and not equal

    -1 (Mediocre)
    Entry or exit: hesitant or abrupt
    Ascent or descent: much effort
    Stability: variable
    If any change of pose: labored
    If any rotation, rotational technique: discontinous, weak turns
    If any change of curve: one curve flat or one is too short
    Zero (or acceptable) was the lowest GOE generally given out for rotational lifts at Worlds
    0 (Acceptable)
    Entry or exit: sure and solid
    Ascent or descent: some effort
    Stability: stable
    If any change of pose: controlled
    If any rotation, rotational technique: continuous
    If any change of curve: similar shallow curves
    Hurtado & Diaz (four 1's, five 0's)

    Notice Diaz's difficulty with the turns. This lift requires effort.


    +1 (Good)
    Entry or exit: smooth
    Ascent or descent: little effort
    Stability: sure
    If any change of pose: smooth
    If any rotation, rotational technique: smooth
    If any change of curve: curves equal and fairly deep
    Bobrova & Soloviev 4.5 (one 2, eight 1's)

    Notice particularly how heavy the descent is.

    Moving on to very good lifts:

    +2 (Very Good)
    Entry or exit: flowing
    Ascent or descent: with ease
    Stability: confident
    if any change of pose: flowing
    If any rotation, rotational technique: flowing and fast
    If any change of curve, curves equal and deep
    Notice how nice Elena's position is:

    Ilinykh & Katsalapov 5.0 (one 3, one 1, seven 2's)

    Notice how seamlessly Weaver and Poje move right on into the rest of the dance after the lift.

    Weaver & Poje 5.14 six 2's, three 3's

    And finally, the very best:

    +3 (Outstanding/Excellent)
    Entry or exit: seamless
    Ascent or descent: floating, effortless
    Stability: relaxed and bold
    if any change of pose: effortless
    If any rotation, rotational technique: flowing and very fast
    If any change of curve, curves equal and very deep

    Virtue & Moir 5.36 (three 2's, six 3's)

    In Virtue & Moir's lift, the best thing is how effortless the change of pose is.

    Davis & White 5.50 (one 2, eight 3's)

    Davis and White's lift was particularly good because it came out of nowhere as a complete surprise, went up extremely fast, and appeared completely effortless throughout.

    And that is the last of rotational lifts. We're moving on to Curved Lifts, Straight Line Lifts, and Stationary Lifts next. If you have any questions about Rotational Lifts, now would be the time to ask them.

    And before I do move on, I did a quick review of what we looked at, and I see that I never showed anyone doing the option of a one armed lift . where the
    lifting partner's arm is fully extended in front with a significant distance between the partners

    Capellini & Lanotte did that type of rotational lift in their FD this year. Here it is at Worlds:
    Girl on a stick move worlds
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