PIW are too good to skate locally. Have no idea why they don't tour internationally. Besides the stuff that I wrote in the previous post, Nanri this afternoon did 3A and did so easily, as a matter of fact.

Kanako in the morning show did 3Z with step out, on 3S she had an unsecure landing, so she didn't add a combo jump. In the afternoon she did 3Z with step out and one hand touched the ice. Her traditional combo 3S-2Lo-2Lo was good. She tried to skate like a grown-up and mature. Her technical set for PIW shows is the most difficult one followed by Mao (wasn't on the cast today). Akiko on the other hand chose the safest route a la Arakawa, of 3S and 2A and messed up, big or small, in all 4 shows that I have seen by now. This morning she had a shaky landing on 3S, 2A was okay. In the afternoon she did 3S and had a step out on 2A. Again steps out in a finale.
Takeshi skated very well his EX with 3T and 3S, powerful eagle, expressiveness and confidence of charm. In a finale he challeneged a combo, in the morning the second jump was 2T only, in the afternoont he added 3T but it was ur and with step out. Never mind. He retired years ago. Sasaki was a crowd pleaser himself, full of joy and optimism. In the afternoon show he skated a different EX, where he makes fun of high school boys and girls. The girls' part was super extravagant, with a spiral and a bielmann spiral backwards, then a layback spin, etc. No need to say how he entertained the audience. He did 3F shaky and a good 3Z tano in the morning. In the afternoon 3Z tano was with step out. In both finale he tried 3A but fell.

Tatsuki again went practically clean in both shows. In the morning all jump passes were perfect: 3F, 3A, 3S, 3L from a spiral. In the afternoon he had a little deep sit on 3A but not that much. The prog is so beautiful that I was almost sure that Steph somehow was involved. Guess what. When I asked Tatsuki who choreographed this new EX, he said him (!), himself. Alone with no one's help. I was like and had to re-ask. And he said yes, that's all him. Maybe Daisuke should ask Tatsuki to choreo his new progs?
Mura presented his new EX in a shirt that he obviously borrowed from Kozuka's closet. The music choice is rather heavy for galas, but he went on jumps because that is what he could do better than other stuff. In the morning he did 3T, 3Z, his amazing 3A, fell on 3F, then did 3S. In the afternoon 3A had two hands on the ice and 3Z was with step out. In the finale he did a quad, two-footed. Never mind too. Because he looks so happy, basically shining with happiness when showing his marriage ring: http://twitpic.com/cnv0tn . He also said that his family is expecting a baby girl: Mura-chan.

Daisuke showed up in the dark in the costume that I immediately identified as Moonlight Sonata. But when the music started, the audience, who (myself including) probably didn't expect him skating that SP, exploded into ovation. He didn't fail us and skated awfully well. Did a 3F, a gorgeous 3A and 3L, steps and spins were die for, especially the final footwork, the one that I fell in love with the moment I saw it for the first time. In a finale Dai did a really good combo 3F-3Loop (!), the one that I haven't seen from him for a while. I told him that his MS is a masterpiece and pointed out that so many people love him, and he smiled. So did the happy I. In the afternoon show he skated Tango, spins and steps were as great as usual, as well as 3F and 3L. But he singled his 3A, so did 1A instead. You know how upset he feels when he fails smth., especially in shows. In a finale he went for trixel again but did 2A only, then tried another one almost immediately, rotated 3A but fell terribly painfully. I hope he is okay and wasn't hurt. Dai still looks a little skinny but healthier than in London or even WTT. Still I think that that mistake on axel in the afternoon show might be the result of general tiredness. I ranted again to him that his tango is so passionate and how he can do that I wonder. He made a trickily enigmatical smile but didn't tell his brand secret.

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to both shows too! Then the updates will follow.