I am only speaking of my experience in my area (hence I said in my experience). When I skate on one of the only adult FS sessions in our area, there are a couple much older Bronze skaters who I would describe as closer to test level (I would describe them as very tentative and more like a Prebronze level skater) who seem to be in their own little world and like to set up camp in small areas at a time. I know where they are and based on what they are doing can predict where they are headed but when I get within 5-10 feet of them while going by (setting up a jump, skating a program, etc) these skaters tend to freak out or change direction into my path as if they had no idea I was on the ice until I am approaching their current campgrounds. Competitive pre-pres have a different skill set than adult Bronzes (versus test level pre-pres who are typically much more unpredictable in terms of reaction/ability to trend the traffic than lower level adults). As I said, many of the lower level skaters I've been on sessions with (children and adults alike) seem to be confused by the person spinning and jumping in the other direction and whose patterns for jump practice are completely opposite what they usually see. I make it a point to avoid sessions which I know are dominated by these skaters as much as possible as I don't like spending my time being distracted by where they are. There are the returning skaters or people from other sports who take up skating later in life (gymnasts, dancers, roller skaters) who aren't as tentative as the folks I've described above and who have previous experience either as a skater or in that other activity that give them good spatial awareness and ability to focus inwardly (what am I doing) and outwardly (what are the people around me doing and who's program is that) at the same time.