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Thanks a lot, golden.

I share the feeling with John...
I am much older than he, closer to his mom's age probably, and it's been over ten years since my mom passed away. But the Mother's Day gets nearer and flowers, cards and sweets everywhere thanking to moms, I still feel a pain in my heart, feeling blue and gloom...

However much one gets older, smarter or richier, no one can replace one's mom with selfless love and devotion to own child(ren) at any culture, any world and at any universe...(((John)))

Please rest assured John, I was there in the arena with your mother sitting by my side. She was all smiling during your strong and beautiful performances at the recent WTT!

And to every mothers in the world, BE HAPPY!

John is a great athlete, apprears a very nice person as well.
I have no favorite American pair teams after Rena Inoue retired, so let me root for Caydee and John next seasons, please!
Oh, deedee, you are making me cry too. I'm sad for you that the pain of losing your mother recurs. But also happy for you that she and you loved each other so much.

Denney and Coughlin are lucky to gain a fan as supportive as you. Coughlin apparently is a man of many sides, and one of his likable qualities is his comfort with showing a lasting emotional connection to his mother.