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Thread: Any suggestions on choreographers/music choices for Daisuke 2012-13 season?

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    Any suggestions on choreographers/music choices for Daisuke 2012-13 season?

    I have created a new thread for you: something to suggest, discuss, agree, or disagree to agree (as usual ), so that we don't get bored during the off season.

    In order to prepare for new programs next season, it seems (to me) that every male single skaters will rush to CoP mastery, and ask for its choreography to either David Wilson, Pasquale Kamerlengo, or 'Patrick-free' Lori Nichol.

    I really loved Dai's SP by David with that unique music choice and its choreo this past season. I loved David to let Takahiko get out of his comfort zone with Inner Urge. I appreciated what Pasquale has done for Dai over the years and I loved loved all of them; La Strada, Blues for Klook.

    But there are two seasons until Sochi Olympic Games. One more season available before preparing so-called 'winning programs' for the Olympics.
    For that matter, I really want Daisuke once again to TRY/EXPERIMENT different style with new music choice next season (2012-13). If that means working with different choreographers, I would say go for it! Int'l judges may not like new programs/styles, or it may end up a failure. But he can at least expand the range of his style and worthy to try for him, I believe. He will always have Pasquale and David to count on and help him out to prepare programs for the Olympic season.

    For instance, Hip Hop Swan SP in 2007-08 season was an epic program for Daisuke as everyone would agree: no one but Dai could do justice to this piece of music and its choreo.
    While I very much enjoyed his dance ability, loved its uniqueness, and appreciated Nikolai Morozov to make Dai truly special as a skater, to be honest I did not buy it as a whole program myself; why did such classical masterpiece like Swan Lake have to be arranged to hip hop music like that?, I still wonder to this date. Could have been more appreciated by me if Nikolai simply picked up hip hop music and did its choreo.

    I loved this season's SP to VAS music to death. As for the finger thing, which some of you discussed in a heated manner in other thread (btw, I was not in that discussion myself!), I just don't know whether it was necessary or appropriate, and I agree with bluebonnet on this issue. The difference between blue and me is, however, that blue hated the whole program for that finger thing, for me it was only a second (or two) to interpret or highlight the feel of the music out of a 2-minutes-40-seconds-long work of art, and I loved it as a program anyway with or without that choreo.

    Do you have any suggestions or advice on choreographers/music choices that you would like him to try/experiment next season?
    With a specific reason(s) or with any video links of other skaters' program would be more appreciated. Thanks!

    Fyi, David will choreograph programs for Autur and Liza. Is also rumored to do choreos for Yuzuru, due to his coaching change to Orser.
    Pasquale has got contracted with Evgeni for two seasons, so that means he will do choreos for Evgeni including programs for the Olympics.
    And we have Lori who is the master of CoP. She of course will do choreos for many skaters, including Evan's LP to Samson and Delilah.
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