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Thread: Any suggestions on choreographers/music choices for Daisuke 2012-13 season?

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    some music i would love to see daisuke skate to.

    fried green tomatoes suite.

    this idea was borrowed from an FSU music suggestion thread. i'm indebted to the person who came up with this idea, because it got me to re-watch one of my favorite movies. i am especially interested in seeing what dai could do with the music around

    1:15, 9:35, 11:43

    i would have liked to link the 'ghost train' piece from this soundtrack, but it appears to have been pulled from youtube.

    off topic--i've always wanted mao or caro or akiko to skate to this music, but i love dai enough to share this music with him as well ;D

    appalachian spring

    this selfish american wants dai to skate to this music. feels like a long time since someone skated to it. though my memory is a bit vague, i seem to recall a stirring boitano program years ago. around 7:26 the music is sweeping and grand. dai can bring out all the colors and shades in the piece, the more fast paced parts as well as the more majestic parts.

    another fave of mine is dvorak's new world symphony. not groundbreaking--i just like to see my favorite skaters skate to music i like.

    the very familiar 4th movement

    the 2nd movement that was also turned into a song--akin to jupiter being turned into 'i vow to thee...'

    perhaps this movement with its sense of wonderment, exploring new grounds, fits with how dai has been stretching his artistic boundaries of late, taking from ice dance teachers in france, focusing aspects of skating he hadn't favored so much earlier in his career. many thanks, once again, to deedee and others who have been so kind as to translate from other languages for all of us, whose work i've read and appreciated but rarely commented on

    if the new world symphony is too much a war-horse for some (not for me--i could watch everybody skate to it, just like back in the days of compulsory dances when 'la playa' or 'la cumparsita' played a dozen times...)

    i also like the mahler adagietto.

    but perhaps like the barber adagio for strings it is too monotonous for a competition piece that demands tempo changes?

    how about some sochi programs using music from a russian composer?
    tchaikovsky's none but the lonely
    tchaikovsky's symphony #6
    tchaikovsky symphony #5
    especially around 27:09

    i admire the restraint, the tempered, reined-in expression in certain portions of dai's short program this season. but to me a skater capable of tremendous emotional projection ought to go for it and skate to a grand piece in a big competition. yes, you need 'light and shade' (thank you john nicks for helping ms. wagner to see the light), and i don't want any skater to go around making O-faces the entire time, but i like it when a skater makes the audience forget they're watching a sporting event with medals on the line, and transport viewers to a different theatre for a moment. that's why i especially like tchaikovsky's symphony #6 for dai.

    with a symphony you can always take a bit from the slow section, a bit from the fast section and get all the tempo variation desired, although i admit to being very fussy about how the music is cut. that's one of the reasons i admire the david wilson and hugo schouinard (sp) team--they've cut pieces of music dear to my heart without making me cringe (gershwin's concerto in F for YNK, dvorak cello concerto for caroline zhang last season, etc.)

    if dai favors beethoven, my favorite is the pastoral symphony.

    i'd also be curious to see dai skate to mozart's symphony #41


    chaconne in D minor by J.S. Bach

    in a way, a choreographer would have to think outside the box to come up with a program for dai to such music, because the balance and orderliness of the baroque/classical periods... you might associate those characteristics with another skater rather than dai of techno-swan and bachlorette fame. with pieces like this, i get the feeling i'm just asking dai to skate to music i like, rather than music that seems 'made for dai.' but that makes it all the more interesting-- in other words, not in an olympic year-- olympic year is pastoral symphony or tchaikovsky symphony #6! :D

    i saw upthread admiration for 'the planets' production, saw someone's brilliant idea that dai could play several roles such as in coppelia. borrowing from that, i'll add several different movements from mendelssohn's midsummer night's dream.

    dai can skate as puck, oberon, even bottom in donkey form. i'm looking forward to conjuring up an image of large donkey ears on the ice... ^^

    sorry the orchestra wasn't having its finest day during this performance, but you get the idea...
    if you like Mercury's footwork during 'the Planets,' i think the scherzo section provides similar opportunities for scintillating footwork.

    now that i'm in ballet mode, it suddenly occurs to me that dai reminds me of nureyev. nureyev, unlike baryshnikov, did not have the most beautifully sculpted face or physique, or perhaps, the purest technique, but he had a certain raw magnetism and ardor, a certain tension to how he danced (often on the edge of being totally over the top, in my uneducated opinion). and that gave me the idea that dai could skate an exhibition to 'le corsaire' --and show off his improved stretch and line and incredible leaps and fleetness of foot. it might even be a sort of tribute to the great dancer kumakawa, who made such an impression on dai. i only ask that dai not dress in the memorable nureyev costume. :D

    that's enough for now. for a skater i love, every piece of music i like calls for him to skate to it, LOL. even le corsaire, which i probably wouldn't have liked so much if fonteyn and nureyev hadn't imprinted it on my heart.
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