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Thread: What if you applied different scoring systems on past events

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    What if you applied different scoring systems on past events

    It's the off season but die hard skating fans want to chat skating. Throught out the skating ags new rules have come and gone. Had they been applied at various times I personally think the results would have been difficult. Trixie Schuba probably would never have medalled or certainly not gold using weighting systems that relied more heavily on the short and long programs forget about COP. Kira Ivanova probably would never win a medal under COP but ironically in a system more heavily weighted to school figures may have won more medals or even gold. Brian Orser on a system more heavily weighted on skating rather than school figures may have won a gold in 1984 and under COP maybe in 1988. Kataraina WIll may had lost the 1988 Olympics and Manly won gold had they weighted the free skate more heavily or had Witt been placed second or third in the short which was a possibility. Wit may have lost gold to Manley under COP as well. In 1994 under COP Baiul may have lost to Kerrigan and Chen.

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    But, the other skaters might have changed their focii to meet the demands of the system at that time (Schuba, Ivanova, Witt, et al). A good skater is one who can take advantage of the scoring system being used at the time and can roll with the changes to the system year over year (Hamilton, Boitano, etc)

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    Slutskaya would've won 2002 Olympics had COP been used there. Hughes and Kwan would've lost many points for their underrotations. Cohen would've won the silver due to the overall quality of her spins, spirals, transitions. Flutzing would've hurt all four but out of them Slutskaya's flutz was the least severe.

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