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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs. P View Post
    That sounds great -- I look forward to meeting you, even if only briefly. I plan to wear my orange sweat shirt it says "Sun City Half Marathon + 5k" on it. Also I'm an Asian girl with dark hair and black framed glasses, so that should help!

    So see you all at 5 p.m. Friday for a brief meet up or per-competition dinner or whatever the mood strikes.
    OK, thank you, Mrs. P. That will update us to as follows:

    CoyoteChris from Spokane Tall, thin and handsome. retired. Extreamely late 50s. Knows nothing about skating after 12 major events but likes beautiful women. Cant spell words or remember names. Be kind and not offended.


    DorisPulaski (+1) From right coast, Highly intellegent. Just retired. Likes sailing, cooking and painting.

    Mrs. P (+1) Another WA person, does have orange shirt or hat. Asian lady with black framed glasses

    PaulE Short balding man with beard. Retired. Fast walker. Excellent conversationalist. From WA. Has beautiful wife who speaks English. Only person with real GS hat

    Moonlighter (+1) Actually skates and has a pink Jacket, 30ish lady. With Mom.

    BTW, Mrs. P, you will probably see lots of asian extraction ladies at events like this. Many do come from WA but many come over from Japan. Skating is still big there.
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