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Thread: VERY Early Predictions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sk8ingFan View Post
    Yes, I had a feeling this would happen; I'm not too surprised. I think Hanyu should be able to win now. Jeremy is skating in his own country, but he would have to be very on to be Hanyu, and he unfortunately has a tendency to fall apart sometimes.

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    I don't play "predictions game", but may give info.

    We all remember how Elena Radionova won JGP I and JGP III. There are protocols and videos.

    Info about "Lipnitskaia vs Radionova". They are about same age, Lipnitskaia half an year elder (because of this she is "an year elder" on ISU version - years at 01 Jul).
    March 2008, Lipnitskaia won.
    March 2009, Radionova won.
    Season 2009/10 - they competed twice, Lipnitskaia won both times.
    Season 2010/11 - they competed once, Radionova won, but Lipnitskaia's results in season were significantly higher.
    Season 2011/12 - they competed triple (including Senior and Junior Nationals), Lipnitskaia won all three times.

    Question - will Lipnitskaia give her competitors at GP more chances, than Radionova at JGP?

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