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So you are saying you are biased against them, Redstone?
Not against them personally, of course. They both seem like very nice kids. And Alex has a good sense of humour too.
It's just that in the most cases the sibling teams don't show really interesting progrms and a wids range of emotions. Despite the fact that woman-man relationships aren't limited to romantic feels only such teams are so terrified of provoking "ewwws" with what they show that they express no emotions at all or stick to something very vague (the last being the point for Shibs). As blue dog said doing something like Addams Family instead of the usual positive "sunshine and puppies" programs would only benefit them.

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Of course work ethic isn't the be-all-end-all. But it will be a factor to their future success. Who says that they haven't heard this feedback regarding programs? They reworked the SD all season long because of negative feedback from judges -- as KKonas points out they worked late hours to do so. How many times have we talked on these boards about skaters who have all the talent — and great programs — to only be hampered by a lack of work ethic? I think the Shibs are in a much easier position to improve because of a solid work ethic.
And how many of really hard-working teams would be forever in 4th? Or getting on the podium only if the rivals fai?
Their determination to improve their SD deserves respect but, don't take it is an offence, it hasn't done them much good judging with the WC and 4CC results (it was not a bad season per se, but somewhat underwhelming).