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Thread: Weir to do quads in both programs; hires Morozov for step seq

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    Weir to do quads in both programs; hires Morozov for step seq

    I don't find his thread,so open a new thread.if there is one,please combine it.thank you.
    It's a long interview from a chinese website,and I think people here may have interest on some informations in english isn't good enough,so I won't translate the whole article,just some tips about figure skating.
    here's the link to the entire interview:

    ·he didn't want to compete until he was invited to the American nations,and see the male skater's situation.he think he's still competitive,but he doesn't come back for the medals.
    ·he didn't get well with the American federation,but they support him very much this time.they give him 2 GPs.He think that's because they think he's good to spread figure skating in America
    ·his SP music if from lady gaga,and LP is Phonix.
    ·he and his coach have made SP and LP,just need to add some details in the summer.maybe he'll work with David Wilson on the LP,if they has time.
    ·he will add Quads in both of SP and LP
    ·he have hired Morozov to help him on step sequence
    ·some of the skaters show how difficult figure skating can be,but he growed under the old rules.he want to let everybody think they can skate too.he want to show "smooth" perfomance,not(the opposite)
    ·he won't be a coach or choreographer.he saw his coach got to the rink on 7:30 everyday through the years,wearing coat,shiver with cold.that's not what he wants.he will compete on the Olympics for the 3rd time,and then think what to do next.
    ·now figure skating for him is not a "life-and-death" thing.and his coach also accept that,he has husband,his own thing beside figure they get on better now.
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