She was interviewed about her new book last night on ABC, I think, and I caught most of it. She was very forthright but came across to me as someone who felt every action was justified because she "fell in love." I felt she was spinning the whole story to make way for her eventual marriage (my guess) and whitewashing John Edwards after trial. The timing for book release i perfect. The child is of course sweet, innocent, clueless. I was pretty appalled at her characterization of Elizabeth Edwards. It was pretty awful given all she went through due to her husband and Ms Hunter.

I saw enough and will not buy the book. Brazenly selfish is all I could see. My mouth kept dropping open. Well John Edwards was this appealing character until all this unravelled. I must say I wish i was born with the "Rielle" as you please and never worry about what anyone thinks or the people hurt. She seems to just feel whatever is for the taking. Not much shocks anymore in this age of reality TV but her comments did make me a bit gaga.

Anyone catch this interview? Reactions?