There is a place near me called Northwoods. Their sister restaurant is Southwoods. Anyhow, I love their Bleu Beacon salad that came with meals along with their bread. But, as of last month, they stopped taking bread to the table and now ALL salads are a'la carte. Now my friends won't go there anymore because of that.

Fast food--I can only eat salads or drinks from them, and never any chicken on the salads. I used to eat Burger King Whoppers once in awhile but not the last two years.

When I was on Hilton Head Island, we discovered a dive place that had the best seafood! Rachel Ray had even been there. It was called the Sea Shack and from the outside it was nothing impressive. Same with the inside. But a local recommended it and the locals know where to eat. I was in heaven over okra, collard greens and steamed seasones spinach. YUM!

I once ate at Tavern on the Green in NYC. There was nothing about the food to write home about and it was very expensive.