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Thread: Who's watching So You Think You Can Dance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olympia View Post
    Yeah, the first season, Melody, one of the best dancers (and one of the finalists, I think) was paired for at least a time with a guy who was self-taught and once almost injured her. That's another danger.
    I believe that was Alan. He came off as a really nice guy. I think there were only 10 dancers - or fewer - during season 1. Final 3 were Jamile, Melody and Nick. Melody and Nick were best friends and I think platonic roomies. Their All that Jazz routine is still one of the best routines out of all seasons - not the best, but definitely in the top 20. Melody and Alan also had a lovely 'soldier' story routine, too.

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    Oh, yes, it was Alan. He did seem nice, and he was so apologetic when he goofed up. Thanks for reminding me of Jamile! He was charming, and a wonderful dancer--one of the self-taught ones, I think. Melody and Nick were splendid, weren't they? They're still among my favorite finalists. I'm sorry that the kind of dancing they do isn't in vogue. Someone ought to revive the movie dance musical, and not just for hip hop. Then we could see dancers like them regularly.

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