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Thread: Scoring Requirements (TES requirements for ISU Championships, and new GP Score reqs)

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    I would understand if Makarova managed to beat Korobeynikova, Biryukova, Shelepen. Although all three ladies are in my view much better than Makarova, sometimes nerves happened and their results were not quite consistent. But I would be really, really surprised if Makarova managed to beat Leonova, Sotnikova and Tuktamysheva. I am not saying that it can't happen, but I don't think it is very likely. I think in the last nationals both Makarova and Leonova were a bit gifted. In this coming nationals in December, I don't think the judges would want to give her a gift again. Leonova earned the benefit of doubt based on her results at Worlds, but Makarova's results from last year did not earn her much brownies with the judges. So Makarova probably doesn't have to worry about qualifying score for Worlds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexRus View Post

    So 20 Ice Dance pairs for 12 countries may be at Worlds-2013.
    Same as in Free Dance Worlds-2012.

    In fact - more, some pairs may earn TES before Worlds.
    If more pairs get the TES, I am no doubt the minimum score would be raised ensure 25 maximum teams.

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